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Competitive Edge in International Markets Through Value-Added Translations and Business Support


Based in the DC metro area, we provide carefully researched, extremely accurate, and well-written translations of legal, technical and financial documents for law firms and corporate clients.

Through our highly specialized procurement advisors and their in-depth knowledge of local markets and practices, Legaco helps its clients acquire and execute international business.

From my experience as a lawyer working on cross-border transactions and complex business disputes, I know how important it is to obtain locally adapted translations in a reliable and timely manner. On the international business development side, local knowledge and contacts are even more important. That's where our specialized business advisors come in.

          Nadine Robert, CEO, Legaco LLC

Legaco can make a difference due to a unique combination of insight into the legal, business, technical and financial fields, recruitment of talent, and a methodical approach.

We provide personalized attention to each project to ensure translations of the finest quality, tailored to your expectations and needs.

Thanks to the solid professional background of the members of our team, we bridge the divide between legal, cultural and linguistic systems to ensure complete accuracy of the final translations.

We see ourselves as a tool for our clients to improve their internal and external efficiency by leveraging our expertise and ability to seamlessly integrate into our clients' processes.

Our approach is clear and straightforward, it is based on accuracy, reliability, and timeliness. For more details, please click here. Furthermore, our technology infrastructure ensures confidentiality and security.

To contact us, please use the contact form, or, to request a quote, please use the secure quote form.

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