Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find a selection of the most frequently asked questions and their answers regarding Legaco, our services, and this website.

If your question is not answered on this page, please contact our main office or our webmaster.

Legaco maintains personal information on secure servers located in secure data centers.

Personal information stored in databases requires unique login ids and passwords in order to access the information and is only used for the intent described in its Privacy Statement.

All access to personal information and other customer data is controlled and monitored by Legaco.

All servers are protected by firewalls restricting access to the individuals for which access is specifically intended.

Monitoring and security tools are utilized to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

You can learn more here by reading our Privacy Statement.

As compensation for the work performed Legaco on a specific translation project, and subject to the performance of its obligations by Legaco, you will pay Legaco the sum agreed to in writing in the order.

Such compensation will be payable to Legaco in accordance with the payment terms agreed to in writing in the same order. If no payment date has been specified in the order, the due date will be the date of Legaco’s billing for the fees or costs.

All rights relative to translated materials, and any author's rights, patents, technology and commercial secrets are and remain solely and exclusively yours.

However Legaco is the sole and exclusive owner of all rights regarding all inventions, methodology, innovations, technology, software and databases developed by Legaco during the performance of a specific translation project.

Further, Legaco can retain the terminological glossary entries it compiled in the course of its performance of a translation project; provided, however, that we can agree in writing that, upon payment of an agreed-upon fee, such terminological glossary entries shall be your property.

All options to contact our team members are listed at .

Upon receipt of the translation, you shall promptly review it, and within 10 days after receipt shall notify Legaco in writing, along with proper evidence and documentation, of any requested corrections or changes.

Legaco will correct, at no cost to you, any errors it made.

Legaco must be given time and opportunity to correct actual translation errors. If you refuse to do so, or assigns a third party to correct the errors, Legaco will be exempted from its correction obligations.

Legaco will work with you to determine the delivery deadlines of your translation project.

The delivery deadlines will be specified in the order.

The conditions for meeting the delivery deadline are that you hand over the complete documentation for the translation project by the deadline agreed in the order, and that you meet the payment terms and other obligations stipulated in the order.

If you fail to meet the conditions above, then the delivery deadline for Legaco is put back by the number of delay days thus created.

Legaco will only begin working on your translation project once (i) we have jointly agreed on the particular terms and conditions for the completion of this specific project, and (ii) you have completed, signed, and returned to Legaco the order defining the scope of the translation project to be performed by Legaco.

Legaco will work with you to develop an estimate for the cost and timeframe necessary to complete a specific translation project.

The estimates given by Legaco, in whatever form, are not to be considered binding unless clearly stated otherwise.

Estimates are given on the basis of your description of the material to be translated, the purpose of the translation, and any other instructions

Such estimates may be amended at any time if, in Legaco’s opinion, the description of the material to be translated is materially inadequate or inaccurate.

Legaco maintains personal information on secure systems.

Subject to the provisions below, when you visit and navigate Legaco’s website and when you communicate with us, we will not collect personal information about you unless you provide us that information voluntarily. Any non-public, personal information that you may provide will be used solely for the purpose stated on the page where it is collected or in the specific agreement this personal information relate to.

Legaco will not sell, license, transmit, or disclose this information outside of Legaco unless (a) expressly authorized by you, (b) necessary to enable Legaco’s contractors or agents to perform certain functions for us, or (c) required or permitted by law.

Legaco maintains a strict "No-Spam" policy.

In all cases, we will disclose the information consistent with applicable laws and regulations and we will require the recipient to protect the information and use it only for the purpose it was provided.

Further, as is true of most websites, when you visit our website, we may collect non-personally identifiable information such as the type of browser and computer operating system you use, and the domain name of your Internet service provider (ISP). We collect and use this non-personally identifiable information to learn more about our website's visitors in general, and how to supply more appropriate information to them.

We distribute e-mail only to persons or organizations who have explicitly requested it, or with which we have a pre-existing personal or business relationship that can be verified. We consider customer purchases and requests for information as valid connections for e-mail correspondence.

You can learn more by reading our Privacy statement.

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