LEGACO's International Public Procurement Support

With substantial growth in emerging markets and new highs in government spending, government contracts constitute a considerable international business opportunity for private companies worldwide.

Overall, public procurement affects not only a substantial share of world trade flows and GDP, amounting to about US $1.3 trillion annually, but are also increasingly open to out-of-country bidders whose rights to participate are now guaranteed by international treaties and bilateral agreements.

More specifically, the amount of overseas government for which U.S. companies are eligible to bid represents an amount of over US$ 650 billion annually.

LEGACO's International Public Procurement Support division helps our clients win foreign government contracts and thereby grow their business abroad, while in the process gaining more independence from the state of the domestic market and public budget constraints.

We provide support throughout the different stages of the international bidding process, from identifying opportunities to adapting your bid to local formats and requirements to submitting your bid and accompanying through the selection process.


We help our clients understand the technical aspects, rules, administrative practices and politics of international public procurement and we facilitate the set-up of your bidding projects abroad.

Our goal is to help your teams:

  • target bids based on your strengths and likelihood of winning
  • quickly and easily obtain background information on projects
  • prepare and adapt your bidding materials to the local environment
  • present your bid in an efficient and proactive way

Our consultants will build your successful bids and bidding strategy based on their long-standing experience in the local market. From the beginning, we sort through initial documents, facilitate communications with local authorities and evaluate foreign language material to start each project off on a sound footing.


Preparing the specific strategy, activating contacts and pointing potential pitfalls when dealing with the foreign country's administrative and legal systems are part of the following steps to build the success along the given public procurement process.

For each identified opportunity, our team members will help you react promptly and draft the necessary formal documents, adapting the presentation of your strengths and assets to local perceptions and priorities.

In this context, we will maximize your company's profile and capabilities to stand out locally the selected overseas market.

At the same time, we work to ensure that the Terms of Reference are fully addressed, that deviation from standard RFP forms is avoided, and that all formalities and rules, however arcane and hidden, are perfectly respected.

Our consultants will also assist you, if needed, with the registration of your company with foreign authorities and institutions.


Our team will provide you with insights into the local culture, economic issues, political currents and realities, the inner workings of local institutions, as well as legal and formalistic practices.

Our International Public Procurement Support division can organize on-site missions for your team, coach you on local business and government culture, help you interact more efficiently and facilitate meetings and entering a local network of insiders and correspondents. In some cases, our consultants prepare and give presentations on your behalf, leveraging their knowledge of local expectations and their status as native speakers.

Our consultants have also been invaluable in identifying competent and trustworthy local partners and sub-contractors for our clients, another important step in building and maintain sustainable business in the selected local markets.

Based on the rich international expertise and experience of our consultants, who all come out of the procurement field, we are able to provide time and cost efficiencies to our clients that are otherwise not available.

Our consultants will not provide legal advice or legal representation, as these fields are reserved for you and your local corresponding law firm. However, we can help you find competent and reliable law firms in all the markets we serve.


Our services are designed to help your team to focus and free up resources for the highest value-adding activities:

  • Faster start and execution of your international project
  • Initial document review and setup of legal planning and agenda
  • Less time spent on basic foreign research and communications
  • Time-efficient coaching on foreign issues and negotiations with foreign government officials
  • Stand-by availability for urgent technical questions
  • Ability to rapidly sort through and comprehend foreign documents
  • Identification of key legal actors and strategic issues
  • International experts on-site locally

By partnering with LEGACO, you will gain time, control, and visibility, making your international bids almost as easy to manage as if they were local.

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