Corporate Translation

—— Corporate Translations ——

With the tremendous growth of interconnected business dealings around the world over the past century, the need of corporations for highly professional translations in the commercial, financial, technical and legal fields has risen significantly.

—— How to Get a Reliable and Accurate Corporate Translation of Your Most Important Business Documents ——

To ensure perfect reliability and accuracy of the translated document, translators must be able to consult with other legal professionals, financial analysts, and experts about terminological difficulties.

Additionally, the process must be secure and reliable to make sure that deadlines can be met and that large documents can be split up between several qualified translators.

For larger projects it is essential to appoint a project manager who ensures timely delivery, oversees the editing process, guarantees confidentiality, keeps the clients up to date, and coordinates the final formatting and quality control.

—— The Risks of Poor Translations ——

Poor translations can make or break an international commercial negotiation or litigation case and parties can end up with a host of legal challenges.

Therefore, corporations must look for translation providers with the required quality standards to reduce the risk of legal problems and increase their standing with their overseas partners, as they naturally judge based on their native language.

Expertise, reliability through solid processes and transparency, as well as a trusted relationship are therefore the best predictors of success in this area.

—— Why Use Legaco? ——

That's why at Legaco, corporate translations are done by legal, financial and technical professionals.

Our team includes bilingual attorneys, financial analysts and engineers, as well as legal scholars, who perfectly understand the intended use of the document.

This unique approach to corporate translation allows us to deliver translated documents of the highest quality, ready to be presented to the relevant stakeholders, that confer to our clients a competitive advantage.

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