Technical and Engineering Translation

—— A Rising need for technical translations ——

With the tremendous growth of interconnected business dealings around the world over the past century, the need for highly professional translations in the technical field has risen significantly.

Technical translations need not only to convey clearly technical information to the target language readers, they must also present it in such a way that the readers can use this information easily, properly and effectively.

—— Technical translations and terminology ——

At Legaco, we understand the importance of terminology in technical translations. Technical translators need to produce texts which are identical to those directly prepared by technical writers in the target language.

That's why for each translation project, we only use professionals who have studied or worked in the specific field of activity involved in the project at hand.

At the onset of each project, the team chosen to handle your translation will compile a glossary tailored to your needs listing the unique and specific technical terms used in your documents. This process promotes perfect accuracy and consistency of the terminology throughout all documents translated.

—— Technical translators ——

Our technical translators are bilingual engineers and/or technicians who have worked or studied in the technical field they are translating in.

As a result, these subject-matter experts are familiar with the correct terminology to be used in both the source and target languages.

—— Documents ——

Our team of technical translators can translate for example:

  • devices specifications,
  • technical drawings and illustrations,
  • operation manuals,
  • safety manuals,
  • technical reports,
  • material safety data sheets,
  • feasability studies as well as site analysis and land planning,

and much more.

To learn more about our technical translation services and capabilities, please contact us here.

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