Financial Translation

Accounting is a challenging subject requiring much specialist background knowledge, and financial reporting is an area with distinct terminology characteristics. Therefore, high-quality translations in this area require both language and specialist knowledge.

—— Financial Documents ——

Our team of legal, accounting, and financial professionals can translate any kind of financial documents, such as:

  • company reports,
  • financial statements,
  • prospectus for IPO,
  • contracts,
  • stock-market information,
  • banking documents,
  • fiscal information,
  • investment reports.

—— Specificities of Financial Translations ——

When translating financial documents language expertise is a perequisite but it is not sufficient. Specialized background knowledge in accounting and finance is absolutely necessary to be able to accurately translate the terminology of the source documents.

Additionally, when the translated documents must be submitted to a regulating authority such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US - the financial translator must also be able to address the challenges of adapting the source documents to the formal and specific requirements of such regulating authority

—— A Unique Qpproach to the Translation of Financial Documents ——

At Legaco, the translators of our financial translator department are bilingual financial professionals themselves (accountants, financial analysts, academics) who perfectly understand the differences in:

- the accounting principles of the countries, and
- the financial terminologies of the languages,

involved in the translation projects at hand.

This unique approach to financial translation allows us to deliver translated documents of the highest quality, ready to be presented to the relevant stakeholders, that confer to our clients a competitive advantage.

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