Cross-Border Estate & Trust Translation

At Legaco, we know how complex cross-border trust and estate planning and execution can be.

As the number of people with financial interests that span borders is continually growing, we have created a dedicated practice group to assist with the translation needs of legal practitioners involved in international probate and estate planning.

Our translators are lawyers themselves with a multi-national legal experience and the knowledge of succession, family, tax, and property law in foreign jurisdictions.

That's why we are uniquely equipped to support your team and clients and we can deliver, within your deadlines, carefully researched, extremely accurate, and well-written translations of your most sophisticated documents related to :

  • estate planning, including the establishment of living trusts, wills, durable powers of attorney for property management, advance health care directives, and incapacity concerns,
  • complex trust and estate litigation, such as trust and will contests, "safe harbor" proceedings, breach of fiduciary duty disputes, claims to recover property improperly transferred, and federal and state tax controversies and litigation,
  • post death estate administration, both nonjudicial trust administration and court supervised probate proceedings,
  • guardianships and conservatorships,
  • business succession planning and business transfers,
  • wealth transfer planning,
  • charitable gift planning.
    • Thanks to our unique approach, our team of experts will always provide you with outstanding translations, tailored to your objectives, expectations, and needs.

      To learn more about our Cross-Border Estates & Trusts translations, please contact us here.

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