Contract Translation

—— The Specificities of Contract Translation ——

Contracts are often drafted in complex legalese and are among the most difficult documents. When working on contracts, translators have to find a way to translate formalisms, archaic words, redundancies, difficult references, and Latin words.

A translator who is not an attorney may not fully understand the goods or services being described, the terms of custom and usage in the industry being used, or the significance of being precise in that description. Unless these are taken into account in making the translation and the legal implications of word choices are understood, the impact of the attorney’s carefully drafted contract language may be completely lost upon translation into a second language.

That's why, at Legaco, contracts are translated by bilingual legal professionals with a long experience writing - and translating - legal documents and who can understand and explain the implications of their word choices.

—— A Network of Technical and Financial Reviewers ——

At Legaco, we have developed closed partnerships with technical reviewers, engineers, and financial analysts.

They provide the technical and financial knowledge of your specific industry and support our translation teams when drafting translated contracts that include provisions with highly technical or financial content.

In that way, we make sure that the specialized terminology used in the target document is perfectly accurate and adequate to your specific industry.

—— A Streamlined Process ——

Our approach allows us to streamline the translation process of contracts while you are busy negotiating international partnerships.

Our teams do not lose time researching the terminology and acquiring knowledge of your industry as we already have the support of people from your industry directly at hands within our team.

This means a faster turnaround for the translation of your documents and the amendments you make to them during the negotiations.

We ensure that you get the translated documents you need when you need it, with a perfect adaptability to your deadlines, as well as style and formatting requirements, so you can focus entirely on the success of your international negotations.

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