Our Services


—— By Professionals for Professionals ——

Legaco is built for the sole purpose of servicing the unique needs of corporations and law firms.

—— International Procurement Support ——

LEGACO's International Procurement Support division helps our clients win foreign government contracts and thereby grow their business abroad, while in the process gaining more independence from the domestic market and public budget constraints.

—— Translations ——

We specialize in carefully researched, extremely accurate, and well-written translations of business documents by top bilingual professionals.

—— Retranslations ——

We offer re-translation services to correct documents that were previously poorly translated from your point of view or did not meet your expectations.

—— Ancillary Services ——

We provide certified translations to facilitate the enforcement and acceptance of your documents abroad. All of our translations can also be notarized.

—— Desktop Publishing - Digitization - File Conversion ——

If needed, our desktop publishing specialists will ensure that the lay-out of the final translated document exactly meets your publishing requirements.

Our team can also take care of your digitization and file conversion needs.

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