French Translation

At Legaco, we provide translations from and to French* of the highest quality and reliability for your sensitive documents.

Our French translators will provide you with translated documents that are linguistically, legally, and culturally adapted to your local markets and accurate in context.



Our French translation team includes bilingual lawyers, engineers, financial analysts, and translators who have studied or worked in both countries involved in your international project.

The members of our French translation team have been chosen because of their superior expertise and linguistic skills.

They are detail-oriented to ensure the perfect accuracy of your translations and only translate into their native language.

All the members of our team have a Master's degree or equivalent qualification and will always translate towards their stronger, more native language of the language pair that they are working on.

Selection Process

The members of our French translation team have been chosen through a rigorous selection process, designed to ensure that all selected translators, editors, and project managers can provide an outstanding service of the highest quality, reliability and assured confidentiality.**

All the members of our French translation team have been thoroughly tested to verify their proficiency regarding legal, financial and technical concepts, contexts, terminologies, language, and cultural, as well as institutional specificities of the countries that they cover.

* Within the framework of the languages that we currently offer.

** With respect to confidentiality, we offer several ways to ensure the confidentiality level that you require.

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