Patent Translation

—— The Specificities of Patent Translation ——

Most patents are built around long sentences with complex claims and technical specifications or drawings.

Translation errors frequently occur in foreign companies' patent applications. In many cases, applications for a patent in a foreign country are not filed until near the end of the priority deadline under the Paris Convention. As a result, sometimes, the lawyers involved do not have time to review the translated application to check its accuracy and a poor translation can end up being filed. Due to rules governing patent applications in some countries, there is a risk that the translation cannot be corrected, leaving the appplicant with an incorrect patent application.

In some cases, an inaccurate translation has been fatal to securing significant patent protection.

—— Patents and Machine Translation Systems ——

If the translation is done by a machine translation system, risks are extremily high of costly translation mistakes due to a lack of analysis of prior art and the poor quality of specific technical glossaries built in these autamatic translation machines.

Additionally, most computer assisted-translation tools cannot perfectly read the scanned documents related to the patent to be translated.

—— The Competitive Advantages of the Legaco Team Regarding Patent Ttranslations ——

With regard to patent translations, the Legaco team brings together the best of several worlds:

  1. Our expert patent translators are skilled in translating highly technical matters. They hold degrees in a number of technical areas. They are native speakers of the target language. They all have several years of experience translating and writing patents and their complex claims.
  2. Our editors are legal professionals who concentrate in various aspects of patent laws of the countries involved in the translation project. They have the appropriate knowledge of applicable rules, accepted practices, and regulatory directives for the designated country and industry. They are also native speakers of the target language. They perform a thorough quality check to ensure language correctness and legal accuracy.
  3. Our project managers have in-depth knowledge of your industry and the specificities of patent translations. They assure the quality of the translation and the timeliness of your project.
  4. Our Desktop-Publishing department can take charge of the most difficult graphics conversion, formatting, and alignment issues.

Thanks to this unique approach, our patent translators will always provide you with reliable patent translations ready to be presented to your patent office.

To learn more about our patent translation services and capabilities, please contact us here.

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