Partnerships With International Law Firms

To support your clients seeking cross-border business, our international team of experts provides flexible support throughout the different stages of the contracting process with foreign public institutions.


Our consultants will review initial documents and point you to specific topics and potential pitfalls when dealing with a foreign country's public procurement system.

They are invaluable in identifying competent and trustworthy local correspondents, research sources, and relevant documents.

Our team will provide you with insights into the local culture, economic issues, workings of local bidding institutions, as well as legal and political customs.

Sorting through initial documents, facilitating communications with local authorities, supporting due diligence reviews, and evaluating foreign language material, our consultants are efficient and proactive, building on our experience with international procurement process. At Legaco, we are used to translating important and sensitive documents, from tender announcements and submissions to final contracts.

During each project, our team members can be on stand-by to provide support as needed, performing additional research and, more generally, support the execution and success of the international bids of your clients.


We provide you with access to our international resources while obtaining a local and personalized service.

Our unique depth of experience working with law firms and legal departments allows us to support international projects across multiple practice areas.This experience allows our people to develop unique process and strategies from insights gained through analogous situations.

By taking care of the local coordination and monitoring of the cross-borders projects of your clients, we make sure that your own teams can focus their unique expertise and time on more strategic legal issues and challenges.

Our consultants will not provide legal advice or legal representation, as these fields are reserved for you and your local corresponding law firm. However, we can help you find competent and reliable law firms in all the markets we serve.

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